Now You Can Stream Any Sound App Through
My Butterfly Pillow

(My Butterfly Pillow is now Bluetooth enabled!)

Now you have control of what you want to listen to when you go to bed. The Bluetooth speakers built in My Butterfly Pillow lets you pair any smart device directly to the pillow. You can listen to television, books, white-noise or if you are a Tinnitus sufferer, an Audiologist prescribed sound app. 

And the best will not disturb your sleeping partner. No more loud sound machines, or leaving the television on all night just to have a distracting sound in the background.

Q: So why would you want speakers in your pillow?

A: Our number one answer is for a condition called "Tinnitus". Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ears. Sufferers of Tinnitus state that nighttime is the hardest time as they have no background noise for distraction, and getting to sleep is almost impossible. My Butterfly Pillow provides Tinnitus sufferers with the ability to stream sounds directly through the pillow to provide "Sound Masking" or "Sound Distraction". 

Our second answer, is to provide a way for side sleepers to listen to music, books, white-noise or even television without disturbing your sleeping partner. The speakers are designed in such a way that the person right next to you will never hear what you are playing through MBP.

My Butterfly Pillow
Is Now Approved By The Veterans Administration

(My Butterfly Pillow is a Veteran Owned Company)

Tinnitus is the number one disability among Veterans and it affects at least one in every 10 American adults. Veterans have higher rates of tinnitus than the general public due to the noise levels they encounter while in the service, including gunfire, machinery, aircraft, and much more. Over 150,000 veterans were diagnosed with tinnitus in 2015 and nearly 1.5 million veterans are currently receiving disability benefits for it.

My Butterfly Pillow provides those suffering with Tinnitus (veterans and non-veterans alike), a solutiion to help mask tinnitus and make it less noticeable. Since tinnitus is usually more bothersome in quiet surroundings, such as bedtime, a competing sound, such as that from an app like a ticking clock or thunder storm and rain (also known as "white noise") may help mask the sounds associated with Tinnitus, and help the user get to sleep.

Learn Why Chiropractors Are Embracing My Butterfly Pillow

My Butterfly Pillow is the only pillow on the market that puts you back to the same position night after night,  giving you better spine alignment than any ordinary pillow.

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