My Butterfly Pillow

A pillow built for side sleepers, by true side sleepers.

Finally, a pillow built for you

Woman unable to sleep pillow over head

You Have A Problem...We Are The Solution!

Does this sound like you: You roll from one side to the other all night to relieve shoulder pain, or because your arm has "gone to sleep".

You have to stack or wad your pillows trying to get it to a usable height...heck, you might even use your arm or hand as a jack, trying to get your head elevated.

As a side sleeper you have requirements that an off-the-shelf side sleeper pillow cannot fulfill. 

When you sleep on your side, your head is higher off the bed than a person's head who sleeps on their back. A "one size fits all" pillow is not going to give your head and neck the support you need.

My Butterfly Pillow was built to give you the needed support to help eliminate a stiff neck, stop ear pain and let you sleep deeper and longer.

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My Butterfly Pillow Speakers In Pillow

Bluetooth Speakers Built In

Height Adjustable

Height adjustable side sleeper Tinnitus pillow
Man side sleeper with Tinnitus


Our Pillow Helps A Child To Sleep

Autism side sleeper ear pain
My Butterfly Pillow on Shark Tank

Shark Tank

What Makes Us Better Than the others

Side sleeper pillow showing speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

My Butterfly Pillow has speakers built in. Now you can listen to any sound you want...yes, even television. 

Tinnitus Pillow money back

Money Back Guarantee

No hoops to jump through. If My Butterfly Pillow is not right for you, send it back.

We donate all returns to our men and women in the military. EZ Returns

Side sleeper pillow with height adjust

Height Adjustable

My Butterfly Pillow was built for a wide range of body types. For those who need a pillow with less height, MBP can be reduced by 1.25 inches.

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 My Butterfly Pillow makes no claims either expressed or implied that any product we sell will diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or any medical condition. It is the responsibility of each user to evaluate My Butterfly Pillow and decide if it is suitable for their requirements. The use of this pillow is in no way a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional for any sleep or no-sleep related issue.

Never use the enclosed Bluetooth receiver while it is connected to a charging device (for that matter you should never use any device while it is connected to a charging unit).

The charging cable or the charging brick you attach to the Bluetooth receiver could malfunction and send a surge of power to the Bluetooth receiver.

The Bluetooth receiver we supply with your pillow only has a very small battery inside, however a power surge could cause a multitude of issues such as killing the Bluetooth receiver or worse case causing a fire.