My Butterfly Pillow Statement on Coronavirus

We have just been advised that the Nashville Home Show at Music City Center has been canceled due to the pandemic of Coronavirus. This is bittersweet for us. It is tough financially, as these shows are booked and paid six months in advance; yet it is a blessing, as we do not want to risk the safety of our team nor the safety of the public at this time.


We are a small business, and this is extremely painful to the bottom line. However the world does not stop turning, and we hope that any potential customers who may have been interested in purchasing a My Butterfly Pillow will do so now, via the website.


My Butterfly Pillow Operations


Operations continue unaffected at our warehouse location. Most of our components are domestically sourced, and those that come from overseas were bought in bulk late last summer. We are fully stocked and equipped to ride this out.


There are three managing partners at My Butterfly Pillow: Kimberly, Jim, and Wendy. Kimberly is the organizational backbone. Jim and Wendy each bring something special to the table that will help our company through this time: He's a prepper and she has an obsession with clean hands and disinfected workspaces. This is finally paying off!


These three are also the only ones to have access to the facility. For the foreseeable future, we are keeping it that way. So please rest assured that our product is clean and safe when it leaves our six hands. 


My Butterfly Pillow and the Community


We don't want to go to shows. And as much as it is financially detrimental to us to say this, we really don't want you to go to them either. While we're all laying low, we have plenty of time to catch up on our sleep. If you considered a My Butterfly Pillow but weren't ready, now's a good time to try it. We're taken an additional $10 off our lowest price. You can now get My Butterfly Pillow for $89 + Free Shipping, anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.


There is no offer code. The 30-day comfort guarantee remains in place. Sleep well. ♥