Teens, Sleep, and School Hours

California is trying something new: pushing back school start times to let teens sleep a little later. Gov. Gavin Newsom has just signed the law that will see high schools start after 8:30, and middle schools after 8am. 

From a health and science perspective, this is HUGE. Why? Because from puberty to 18-20, kids need way more sleep than they are currently getting, in order to balance those raging hormones, deal with growth spurts, and improve brain development at a time in history when more information than ever is being pushed into their brains.

There are of course opponents. Teacher's unions like the hours they have. Parents who both work and regularly warehouse their kids at school and after-school care now have to rearrange schedules to accommodate the later start times.

It will take some getting used to. However, those of us in the business of sleep are very much behind the next generation getting more of it!