The Chiclet

cheap pillowsChances are, you are sleeping on a Chiclet, and not a comfortable side sleeper pillow. People of a certain age will be nostalgic at the mention of Chiclets, that boxed gum that came in many flavors (all of which lasted about 4 seconds into the chewing experience). Let's face it, as a gum, Chiclets was pretty disappointing.

So is the Chiclet pillow. The Chiclet pillow is one designed for mass market consumption. Pillow manufacturers can create one rectangular pillow, and by changing the thickness or solidity, market to everyone. Back sleepers, side sleepers, even stomach sleepers. But how can that be?

It can't. It's a marketing trick: it's a lie. 

The rectangular shape that adequately supports the neck of a back sleeper will do nothing for a side sleeper, and may cause physical discomfort to a stomach sleeper.

When a side sleeper tries to get comfortable at night, he or she needs something that will keep their neck aligned with their spine, all while NOT crushing their shoulder into the pillow and mattress.

We got frustrated with the Chiclet, and created the best side sleeper pillow by removing the shoulder from the equation. Our shoulder bay cut-out gives you support and stability without crushing your shoulder in the process. More comfort = better sleep.

Don't fall for the rectangular mass market scheme. The standard rectangle is cheap to produce, and is therefore a huge profit-maker. However, it doesn't do the sleeper any good. It only costs them money and faith, and makes them feel like the problem is them, not the product.

It's not you, the side-sleeper. It's the profit driven pillow manufacturers. We can help, and we guarantee it.

Shop now. Sleep better.