Military Donations & My Butterfly Pillow

My Butterfly Side Sleeper Pillow donations to the military

Attention Veterans:

Did you know that the VA will purchase My Butterfly Pillow for you? If you see an audiologist at the Veterans Administration, tell your audiologist about My Butterfly Pillow, and that we are a registered contractor with the federal government. Have them contact us.


What We Donate:

During the forming of My Butterfly Pillows, sometimes the release agent used in the mold, does not function properly and when the pillow is removed a small chunk of foam may be left in the mold. This blemish does not affect the "Sleepability" of the pillow, but it is cosmetic and would more than likely be something which a retail customer would not want.

These pillows along with returns are donated to Soldiers' Angels. This organization will issue My Butterfly Pillow to any soldier who makes a request. It makes us kind of proud to know our little pillow company is helping those who protect us get a better night's sleep.

Why We Donate:

We know how hard it is to get a good night's sleep when you are far from home and are sleeping on something the military calls a "pillow".

We hope that My Butterfly Pillow can provide a soldier with a great night's sleep!

If you wish to donate to Soldiers' Angels, please visit their website at