My Butterfly Side Sleeper Pillow Tour

The Riser
As a side sleeper, your head is higher off the bed than someone who sleeps on their back or stomach. When your head finally impacts a regular pillow, the pillow deflects about 1.25 inches. 

The starting height of your head and the deflection of the pillow puts your head at a downward angle, creating a strain on your neck and spine. To compensate for this deflection, we start doing all kinds of strange things to get our head back to alignment. We wad the pillow up, we stack pillows and we even use our hands or arms attempting to get the lost elevation back. 

Our approach to this issue is "Jacking" My Butterfly Pillow up 1.25 inches. This is accomplished with what we call a "Riser" which is attached (and removable) on the bottom of the pillow. The Riser is also cut in the shape of the letter "A" on the bottom of the pillow. This cut gives you a place to naturally fold your arm under the pillow without cutting off your circulation, because your arm is in a void.

Now when you lie down on My Butterfly Pillow, you start with your head 1.25 inches higher. This allows you to automatically be in a parallel position the moment you place your head on your pillow, thus creating the correct alignment. 

This position will take an incredible amount of stress of your neck and spine.

Since each bed is different, and each person is different in size, we made the Riser removable to help give you a truly custom pillow. When the Riser is removed, the height of the pillow drops 1.25 inches (3.175cm)

My Butterfly Pillow Riser


The Ear Pillow
As side sleepers we exert a good bit of pressure on our ears. Anyone who has ever woken up in the middle of the night with a hurting ear will appreciate this feature..

Right in the middle of the pillow is our "Ear Pillow". The ear pillow is a softer foam which has been cut into cubes so that they can move independently of each other. 

This independent movement ensures that there is no single point of pressure on your ear at any time. 

The Ear Pillow has been designed by our engineers to provide an 80% support factor as well as allowing sound from the Night Owl Speakers to penetrate the foam (we will discuss the speakers on down the page).

My Butterfly Pillow Ear Pillow


Night Owl Speakers
Well, we have all tried it. Yep, admit it you have tried to sleep in bulky headphones, or earbuds digging into your ear from the pressure of your head on the pillow. 

Our custom-made speakers are designed with a structured number of decibels that provide you with enough sound, but not enough sound to disturb your sleeping partner. 

The speakers are Bluetooth enabled so there is no need to connect a device directly to the pillow. This also means that any type of smart device can be paired. This gives you the options to listen to radio, audio books, prescribed audiologist apps and even television.

My Butterfly Pillow Night Owl Speakers


The Shoulder Bay
When a side sleeper lies on a regular pillow, the shoulder becomes a problem. The shoulder helps to compress the pillow resulting in what we call pillow origami (you wad up the pillow, use your hands or other body parts trying to elevate the pillow). 

We have taken the shoulder completely out of the equation. The design of My Butterfly Pillow gives your head and neck all the support and as a result a large percentage of pressure is now taken off the shoulder. 

We have had customers sleep on My Butterfly Pillow only weeks after having rotator cuff surgery!

My Butterfly Pillow Shoulder Bay


My Butterfly Pillow makes no claims either expressed or implied that any product we sell will diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or any medical condition. It is the responsibility of each user to evaluate My Butterfly Pillow and decide if it is suitable for their requirements. The use of this pillow is in no way a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional for any sleep or no-sleep related issue.